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Life, as it is, and as it should be

Last time I wrote (which, admittedly, was a long time ago) I was so worried that I wasn't making the right choice in taking a job with American Express Business Travel.  That this was the devil putting up different ways to procrastinate from doing what God was really calling me to do.  But I have to continually think about what I see and hear around me and re-group on that.  One of my old professors, Martin Buinicki, had this conversation with me before I graduated.  I was so conflicted on graduate school and where my future was headed that he really counseled me on the decision.  He didn't argue for either side but instead planted the seed in my mind that it doesn't matter where I end up because either way, it's all part of God's plan.  If I made a decision that I felt wasn't right, it was still going to be part of God's plan and still going to serve a higher purpose.  That is something I need to remind myself of every so often.  God will lead me and I need to have more trust!

I can definitely see the reason I've been "stuck" here in STC.  I need this time to grow and be ready to move on.  I need this time to take the next step in my life.  School was so draining on me and I leaned very heavily on my mother at that time.  To just up and leave after college, leaving everything I knew behind (and my biggest source of support) was something I was torn about.  I love my family and enjoy spending time with them (though definitely sometimes I do NOT enjoy spending time with them).  I needed to be here to extricate myself from that support and find a way to be on my own (if that makes ANY sense to you guys!).  I also needed this time to re-group with God.  If I had moved, my energies would have been fixated on starting a new life in a new place.  I wouldn't have given time to God like I should have!  Being here, where many times there is nothing to do, I was able to re-connect.  I was called by my church to be part of weekly Eucharistic Adoration, and it is through that time that I give every Tuesday that God has really changed my life around.

But really, the reason for this post today revolves all around the Christian radio station I've started listening to in the past month.  I used to listen to K-Love all the time during certain times in college and every time I drove when I came home, K-Love would be on in my car.  But the past few years I had a falling out with God and stopped listening to K-Love.  Just recently, my mother said how much she loved listening to K-Love and that really got me started listening to the station again.  Luckily for me, too, or else I would have missed this amazing message this morning.  One of the DJ's related the story of how he came to be working with K-Love.  He left a life of successful mainstream radio and TV to work with the K-Love station as it was just starting up.  And he said there were times he'd be driving home asking God, "What are you doing?  Why am I here?"  The answer he received from God really shocked me, just as it shocked him.  "Remember all that play time you had with mainstream radio?  How much fun you had?  Well, I hope you were paying attention because that was school and I'm calling you to use all that you learned for me."  What a powerful statement!  God works in mysterious ways sometimes, but it always rocks me to my core when I see all of his pieces fit together in my life.  Today is one of those days and it is amazing.  I now feel that Iam working at AMEX to learn all I can learn about this business and then wait for God to call me to use all of my knowledge for him.  And it's amazing to hear that today, especially.  I was on a phone call with a colleague yesterday and we were speaking about my progress in the industry and how my role in the company had taken a different path, how I had become more support and less what I was hired on for.  Which was great, because they need me as this support role, but she also encouraged me to keep learning.  And at the time, I was thinking, "No way!  I'd be WAY too busy at work if I finally learned what I am supposed to!"  I was really resistant to the idea.  I liked my easy little life and I liked making a new job for myself within my group.  But if I left AMEX without learning the whole sourcing and/or planning process, I would regret it.  I would know that I left without learning what I was supposed to.  And what's more, I would leave with no strong marketable skills.  So really, this was God speaking through K-Love to tell me to get going!  I'm here to learn and use what I've learned for him.  And that, is amazing.  I couldn't ask for a better place to learn these skills, either.

Many of you may or may not have heard but I'm seriously considering moving to Nashville, TN or Savannah, GA in the near to distant future.  I have a few things I want to learn before I go, though.  I think I'm going to start with getting a motorcycle license and buying a moped.  :)  Also, ballroom dancing lessons if I can afford them.  :)  I've started doing Curves.  It's awesome.  I love weightlifting and the women there are so great.  I'm probably one of the youngest ones there working out but that's OK.  I needed to start exercising and this was a great way to get me started.  They also do Zumba during workouts and I've taken some of those classes, too.  Zumba is crazy fun!  I really should take a full class of that.  :)  So much is changing in my life and I thank God for all of it!
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