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Yes, it's late, but I needed to write this up.  I've been gone all weekend and have just been able to write here. 

Turns out my Aunt doesn't work in Madison!  She works in the town she lives in: Janesville, WI!  At any rate, it was so good to see her.  We're barely two hours away, and we never get up to see her.  My mother feels very guilty about it.  It was so nice to visit, though.  I feel guilty visiting, sometimes, because there's so many of us!  And just one of her.  She has to accommodate a lot of people.  But she didn't appear to mind at all.  She was glad to have us.  She remembered a lot of candy favorites of my siblings and my parents, so she had the whole place stocked with foods that we all liked and enjoyed.  We ended up shopping a lot.  That was great.  I bought a bunch of stuff at Big Lots, because it's quality goods cheap!  I got discounted scrapbook stuff, a webcam, and an awesome journal for my morning pages.  :)  We stopped a few other places before my dad and little brother showed up.  When they arrived, we went mini-golfing, out to a good Japanese Steakhouse restaurant in Janesville, and then to a local park.  We watched the movie "Whatever Happened to the Morgans" or something like that.  It was alright, but nothing spectacular.  I don't like Sarah Jessica Parker at all.  Hugh Grant was amazing, though, as usual.

My little brother, Jacob, had warts on his fingers.  He went into the dermatologist, and he decided that he would put this chemical stuff on it to get rid of them over time...what it does is there's this yellow stuff that gets put on your skin which burns until the skin forms blisters.  Eventually you'll be able to peel away the skin and the blisters will go away on their own and with them, some of the warts.  He has to keep going back, up to 7 times until these are all gone!  I'm beginning to think that this is all something to make the doctor money.  At any rate, one of the warts/blisters looks AWFUL!  The skin looks butterflied from the finger.  It's puffy, diseased looking, and looks like it's bleeding internally.  In short, disgusting.  I keep calling him a leper.  I'm beginning to feel bad that I keep bringing it up.  I shouldn't destroy his confidence like that.  But it's nasty!!  Sorry, Jacob!  I hope it gets better soon.  That finger looks really bad.  I told him he should tell people he has gangrene.  Haha.  He asked what that was, and I showed him gross pictures on Google.

Well, I'm on the hunt for Freelance writing jobs.  I've found a few leads from a great site, Freelancewritinggigs.com.  :)  I hope something comes of them.  I'm getting frustrated from hearing about my bum-status from my parents.  Seriously.  How many times can they hint that they don't mind having an employed college graduate live at home, but not an unemployed college graduate?  Too many. 

My pie continues to be great.  My family didn't eat it past the first day, but I've been enjoying it for a while.  It's still delicious.  I'd probably make a thinner crust next time.  It gets to be too much.  Maybe a little less salt and a little more sugar.  :/  I'll have to experiment.  Maybe a little more milk and a little less oil?  Not sure.

Someone's walking around upstairs.....Melissa, maybe?  I hope so. 

I keep selling more books.  Which is great!  My purse sold for a fair amount of money.  :)  I watched The Next Food Network Star last night.  Aria went home, thankfully!  I thought she should've gone home instead of Brad, last week.  That was a HUGE mistake!  I think Brad was made for Iron Chef, plus, his was the only original show that I wanted to watch on a regular basis!  The others I might watch every once in a while, but not as often as I'd have watched Brad.  His philosophy on food was in alignment with me.  I wanted to learn what he had to teach me, not what these others might be able to teach me.  You know, I find it funny that everyone made a big deal about Brad not having a culinary perspective when Tom doesn't really have a culinary perspective that I can understand.  His show is Big Tom!  What the heck does that mean?  Big how?  At least Brad knew that he wanted to teach professional cooking techniques to home cooks, and later that he wanted to teach us about the food he learned about from his travels.  I really wanted to see that show!  Food Network you let me down!  Plus, Brad was SO easy on the eyes.  What a cutie.  :)  This is sort of like beating a dead horse, though.  I've read numerous posts on how Brad needed to stay.  So I'll stop this rant and tell you all to go to http://www.foodnetwork.com/the-next-food-network-star-fan-vote/package/index.html and vote for Brad up to 10 times a day, so he can win the fan vote and do his own show online!  :) 

I think I'll stop writing here tonight.  Hope you all have a rockin' week!
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