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Writer's Block: My Journey

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

There are two answers to this question.  First, I would love to travel back to my roots: Ireland.  There is so much I could learn from my country and so much community to enjoy.  Traveling there would be amazing.  Living there for a year would be spectacular!  The culture, the language, the dancing, the music...all of it is extremely compelling.

The second answer is I would travel around my home country: USA.  There is so much HERE that I have yet to see, so many people I have yet to meet, and so much left undone.  I don't have to go to a different country to enjoy a life-changing experience.  I just have to travel slowly and travel simply.  In that very act, I will find the life-changing experience I am longing for.  If I had the courage I'd leave today, pack a sack and go on foot.  Live off of others' generosity.  Get to know the real America from the couches of the everyday man/woman/family.  There's no telling what I would find, who I would meet, and what I would learn.
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