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Late Night Updates and Midnight Munchies

I don't really have the munchies, nor am I munching on anything...it just sounded cool, haha!  :)

I haven't been doing too well with my Artist's Way course this week.  It's partly felt like a week off from the course, because all of the tasks for this week seem to easy to do.  But I haven't done my artist date, and I'm leaving for a family visit tomorrow.  So, maybe I should try to get it in early before we leave and work on the other tasks in the car.  I'm going to visit my aunt with the rest of my family.  She lives in Janesville, WI and is one of the nicest and fun-loving people I know.  She's my mom's youngest sister and she works as a grade school counselor in Madison.  I can't imagine a kinder soul to work with those children.  Sadly, that also means that she lets herself get taken advantage of alot.  My aunt hardly ever has time off.  But it seems that she still loves what she does, and that is the important thing.  :)  I haven't seen her since my graduation, so I'm excited to be going to visit her.

I ended up baking a Buttermilk pie yesterday, and it was a complete success.  The pie tastes amazing.  It actually reminds of a lot of french toast!  Some of my family members also ate the dish and said it tasted good.  I can't believe that there are people in this world who don't like pie.  It's surely a travesty.  My youngest sister, for example, won't even try pie!  I think that I am the only one in my family, with the exception of my parents, who likes pie.  And not just certain pies...I am probably the only one who likes almost any type of pie.  It's like a little slice of happiness.  What made this experience better was the admiration I got from others in the family.  Normally, my baking a pie doesn't generate this much interest.  However, my sister kept remarking about how it smelled like french toast.  My youngest sister said it looked like french toast.  And while neither of them tried a piece, they at least marvelled at its beauty.  :)  I could've made a better crust, but other than that, the pie cooked perfectly!  Which was great.

Turns out I make a lot of food that my family enjoys.  My mother was eating an artichoke for dinner, and she wasn't making an official sit down dinner for everyone else.  I didn't feel like Beef Stroganauf left-overs for the third night in a row, so I decided to make myself something nice.  I made a beef stir-fry with meat, onions, garlic, and sugar-snap peas.  The sauce was just soy sauce, beef broth, and cornstarch.  Toward the end I added a little Worchestershire and it probably could've used a little sugar.  You serve all of that over noodles, and voila! a great stir-fry.  My dad ate it with me and he thought it was good.  I can be inventive when I want to be, and the experiments usually turn out good.  :)  For example, homemade macaroni with whatever leftover cheese was in the fridge.  That was always delicious.

Worked for my dad again today.  He had me write an email campaign for his company, Vapor-eze.  I was writing to people who had bought an air purifier in the past, letting them know that they can buy another one, or a replacement filter, this month and receive 20% off.  Also letting them know that their friends and family members can save them money through referrals.  At least I got to do something I found productive.  I think the email worked out pretty well.  However, my dad's goals and my goals are completely separate.  I believe that the advantage of a small business is to connect with its customers on a more personal level.  Therefore, all of my email marketing is going to be more personal.  In fact, I wouldn't mind writing about our family, letting the customers know that this is a family (and friend) owned business.  I'm not sure my dad would feel the same way as me.  He also had me create a Twitter account for VaporEze.  While Twitter is confident that it has a lot to offer the business world, I am not so sure that it has a lot to offer my dad's vaporizer/humidifier/air purifier company.  But who knows?  My mother and sister are getting a good laugh out of what I'm doing.  They find it hilarious that I have become my dad's marketing assistant (who works on no pay) even though I have no marketing experience.  I sat in on a meeting today that mostly made sense, but part of the time I couldn't understand what the guy was getting at.  He kept talking about network affiliates, and I got confused as to exactly what those companies did and who paid who.  So, if you're interested...you can see my lame Twitter message up on our Twitter account.  :/  Hopefully it does some good.  Not sure what else I'll write on it.  Can't imagine my dad wants me writing things like: "Just finished writing an awesome blog on livejournal!"  Haha!  or  "Anyone want to hire a recent graduate with an English and Theology degree?"  That would make my day, though.  :)

I've gotten obsessed with the song "Ramblin' Rover."  I'm close to buying the song on iTunes.

Got "robbed" at the oil change place the other day.  I never know what to believe when I go in to get things done on my car.  I hadn't changed the oil in a while...three months over the recommended change date.  So, they told me that my oil was all gross, sticky, etc., and they recommended an engine flush.  But this was an additional cost to an oil change and if I didn't do the engine flush then but decided upon it later, I'd have to pay for another oil change!  It seemed counter-intuitive to wait, if it was that bad, so I paid for it.  My dad was flabbergasted.  I was just embarassed.  I wish I could just work on the car myself, so I'd know what it needed and wouldn't have to sit there like an idiot listening to all of the things that I should do to the car that will cost me an arm and a leg to do.  Grrr!

I'm now looking more serioiusly into writing freelance online.  I had talked to a friend about it a while ago, because that is his only source of income for now, and he gave me some pointers and where I can get started.  We'll see if anything comes of it.  The most important thing is to get my writing out there and see if anyone becomes interested from what I publish.  Now I just need to come up with some "high quality writing samples" that will get me a job with these freelance companies!!  Any idea as to what I should write about for these?  I'm not sure what's appropriate...  There's also a cool poetry contest going on.  If you submit a 48-100 page draft, you could be selected to win $500, and see your manuscript being published.  See?  http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/2010/08/poetry-contest-with-500-prize-and-manuscript-publication/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+freelancewritinggigs%2FrZJD+(FWJ+-+Main)  If I had that much poetry written, I'd probably submit something, even thought it would cost me $20 to enter it.

My books are getting sold on half.com, and the purse I have for sale is doing well.  I hope to make enough with these to cover car expenses.  I was getting kind of excited that I'd have some spending money, until I went in and had my car looked at.  :(  Boo!  

Well, it's getting late, so I'm going to type out some lyrics to "Ramblin' Rover" and call it a night.  :)  It's really a great song.  You can listen to The Fables sing it on Playlist.com, but The Highwaymen and Dubliners also do a good rendition.

"There are sober men a plenty
And drunkards barely twenty
There are men of over ninety
That have never yet kissed a girl
But give me a ramblin' rover
Fae Orkney down to Dover
And we'll roam the country over
And together we'll face the world!"

Amazing.  :)
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