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Oh my long lost friend...I mean...game...

Today I worked for my dad again.  It was boring, but at least he let me stop when I wanted to.  Maybe he'll give me a reprieve for the weekend.  I had wanted to visit some friends this weekend, but he had me working.  :(  Darn this being unemployed and at the mercy of my parents...  So I was creating more email lists in excel.  It was boring and hard on my eyes.  Stared at a computer screen from 12:00pm until 4:30pm.  Hardly any breaks.  At least my dad is grateful for the work I'm doing.  That helps. 

After that, I helped my mom make dinner.  It was delicious.  We made shish kabobs with buttery orzo noodles, teriyaki rice, and corn on the cob (from the farmers market!).  :)  It was great.  Plus, it was cool enough to eat outside in the gazebo.  It was a lovely night.  My parents and Jacob decided to go see The Sorcerer's Apprentice at the movie theater while the rest of us stayed home and did our own thing.  Me?  I decided to download Ultima Online for the third time in my life, because I miss the game.  I haven't played since...high school?  Senior year?  I think that's when it was...  This free server seemed good, though, so I decided to try it out.  http://www.uoex.net/  :)  Hopefully I won't let the game suck my life away like it used to...  However, it is a good inspiration for me.  I used to get good stories and character names from this game the last time I played it.  This time I'm going to use the game as another medium for my writing.  I'm going to log the adventures of my character and see if it's any fun.  :)  Writing the diary of a fictional character...sounds amazing!  :D  Haha!

Yesterday I decided to put up a profile on plentyoffish.com because I'm tired of not knowing where to meet someone.  We'll see if anything comes from it.  I'm planning to continue writing a letter tonight, and writing an email to my old adviser that is long overdue.  :)  Carolyn you are truly amazing!!

So, good bye and good night!
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