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Early Morning Blues

I had another pointless early morning today.  Woke up at 6:45, in the car by 7:30, sat in traffic for 15 minutes for a 15 minute trip.  Got to the job application place later than I wanted, not sure what to expect.  Went in, dressed very nicely, to just sit in a room and fill out a paper application and hand it into a corporate drone who could care less about me and refused to talk with me.  Left the place feeling defeated again.  If they're interested, they'll call me in a week.  Don't really want to be a corporate purchasing agent, but it pays $23 an hour and my parents are keen on me getting this position with ALDI.  Ugh.  Came home in a bad mood, tired, went upstairs and slept for another two hours, trying to get away from the horrible feeling of the whole application process.

When I went back downstairs, my grandparents were here.  It was nice to see them and catch up a little.  They're going to be gone on a trip for the next week or two.  They brought us some farm grown sweet corn from the stand near their house.  My mom loves that corn.  :)

Had to work for my dad today.  He wouldn't let me put it off any longer.  So he showed me how he was transferring from one email account to a new one and how he wanted me to make new email lists.  So I was given a short tutorial on how to take information from Quickbooks and put it into Microsoft Excel.  Finished for the day four hours later.  Yes, it was as awful as I'd imagined and I have yet to learn anything useful.  My dad probably wanted me to get more done, but he was gone at a White Sox game with the rest of my family.  Whoopie!  The upside is that he's going to have me writing newsletters, so at least there will be some writing involved.  That might even be fun...?  Haha.  I ate leftovers and opened the last bottle of Biltmore wine that Megan's mom brought to Valpo.  The one we didn't drink, lol.  Took the dog for a walk and came back to work on my Artist's Way course.  Pepper wasn't too happy that I was exiling her to the basement.  Oh well.  :)  Luckily Melissa came home, so she could hang out with her. 

Now just enjoying being alone and doing my own thing.  :)

Books are selling, someone bid on my purse.  Things are looking up.  Yes, God does provide.  I am grateful for the letter I received from my friend yesterday.  It has given me a new affirmation that I have posted in my "office" and my bedroom for inspiration: "You have the strength necessary, just find the courage!"  She is truly a blessing.  And amazing for being a pen pal through snail mail.  :)  I think I admire her and her lifestyle more than she realizes...more than she's ever realized.  :)

Listening to crickets blend in with my Irish music.  It's a peaceful night.

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