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Hounded by a scootering maniac...

My little brother keeps scootering into the room to see what I'm doing.  It's funny and annoying at the same time.  Lol. 

So the career fair I painstakingly prepared for yesterday was a bust.  I was expecting it to be bigger with more employers than those listed in the newspaper.  The ad made it seem like there would be quite a few.  There were 10 in a room a little bigger than my family room.  And hundreds of people.  Ugh!  Not only was it intimidating and overwhelming (this being the first career fair I've ever attended), I didn't want any of the jobs there.  After speaking with a representative for the company who put the fair together, he said they hardly ever got employers at their career fairs who were interested in hiring writers and basically told me that my dream wasn't marketable and no one would hire me.  So he say, "I guess it's good to dream, though."  Sending me into a spiraling depression, thinking that my dream will actually never come true.  This is the first part of this Artist's Way course.  It's all about defeating the negative statements and turning them into positives.  But I'm finding it hard to defeat the voices in me that say that I won't ever be a writer or an artist and how ridiculous I sound in wanting that.  I need to exorcise these demons!! 

At least I stayed productive today.  I put all of my old school books up for sale on half.com, put my old purse up for sale, sold 4 books, and later I plan to do some work with the Artist's Way course and write a response letter back to a friend of mine.  I'm beginning to suspect that we have a better long distance relationship, now, than being together in person, lol.  She's also a working artist, though.  If you're interested in looking at her stuff, she's recently started a shop on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mbristle  She's making me a cool necklace from the Celtic tree of life symbol that we picked up at the renaissance faire a few weekends ago.  It'll be a great reminder of our friendship and our times at the ren. faire.  :)  I can't wait until it's ready.  
There's a job my parents think I would be great for that I should go apply for tomorrow.  You can only apply in person, and they start taking applications at 6:30 in the morning.  I suppose I'd be good for the job.  It's being a purchasing assistant for Aldi, the grocery store.  While I know a lot about buying groceries and what kinds of food people should be demanding from companies like Aldi, I'm still not certain I have the experience to get this job.  After applying for said job, my dad wants me to spend the whole day with him to learn about internet marketing, quickbooks, adobe illustrator, and other things that sound like they will suck out my soul.  But maybe they won't.  Maybe they'll be good tools to know, if I do need to market myself for art that I create.  Who knows.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet.  I applied for the archdiocese job today.  Maybe something great would come of that.  It would be nice to have a job that lets me be creative and use my writing skills, plus working for a church would be amazing.  That's all of my schooling rolled into one nice package!  Please let me get this job!

I'm considering writing freelance for a while, too, if possible and cost effective.  It may get me a writing job with someone more reputable, the more I work at it.  Who knows?  Wish me luck!

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